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Something Strange About Uncle Howard

A Global Game Jam Entry

This Game is an Entry to the Global Game Jam 2019, The GGJ brings the community together to work together for 48 hours to practice their game making skills.


Something Strange about Uncle Howard is a point and click horror game about a family who unwittingly opens their home to a strange figure, who claims to be your Uncle and feeds off your family's unresolved issues.

You are The Boy and need to discover topics to talk at dinner and make your family survive overnight.

How to Play:

Hold the right mouse button and drag to explore the house.
Click on the objects to choose conversation topics, discovering hidden stories and hints.


  • André Krauss
  • Carol Gradel
  • Cezar Loureiro
  • Gabriel Barros
  • Ian Albuquerque
  • João "Subzero" Trindade
  • Rizz Campanati
  • Rodrigo Copello


SSAUH-v1.0-Win64.zip 48 MB
SSAUH-v1.0-MacOS.app.zip 49 MB


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It's great! I wish there was just a little bit more help provided because I really didn't know what to do. Other than that this game is really wonderful and the art style is perfect!

I havent played this yet (and im going to 100%) but i LOVE this uncle guy's design omg...... seriously great job just the previews look amazing!!!




Hey! Thanks for the feedback, great knowing that u liked!


LOVED this game! I really enjoyed that  even though there was so instructions in the game it was still very clear at the end what needed to be done and the whole concept made sense.  Really came together well!


We will take a look how to make the instructions more clear, thanks for the review~


Heck! Really enjoyed this game and the experience! The design and art style was really unsettling, which brought it together well! Great atmosphere too! And it had a far deeper meaning than I honestly expected out of it.


Hey! We worked a lot in those 2 days to make the best creepy atmosphere possible! Thanks for the review.


Man I loved Uncle Howards design. Very jack skellinton. Game has a good creepy atmosphere.


This was a great experience. We enjoyed it very much.

It has a really good atmosphere.

Here is a short video we made while playing:


Opening the game and it very suddenly starting the way it did is genius. It's disorienting, jolting, upsetting, it makes the player uneasy and uncomfortable, and that's perfect for setting the atmosphere for them. I applaud y'all for that. Also, y'all made this in two days? Damn! That's incredible.

The art style is absolutely wonderful. I did it on High graphics, and it's so CRISP! It's so satisfying to look at, it really is, and everything about the characters and the environment really adds to the atmosphere and makes the game stronger. Amazing work.

When it comes to a game made in 2 days, I usually don't expect anything stellar in terms of writing, not out of meanness, but just because it's so hard to make a well-written game in two days. I did feel like I was randomly clicking through the various objects in the game, unsure why I was restarting or how I got the good ending, but you know what? I really enjoyed the writing in this game. It's uncomfortable and effective. You made the parents bitter and frustrated without making them cartoonishly evil. Y'all did a good job.

Also, the premise of this game is just superb, one of the better ones I"ve seen in a while. A family confronting their unresolved issues, which you must focus on by looking at relevant items. Absolutely excellent.

I look forward to seeing more awesome content from each of you! Amazing work.

Hey, man I read your review and thanks. This really means a lot, we're from Brazil and english is not your first language, so you liking the writing.... I mean, thanks.
Very happy you liked and stay tuned for more games in the future ;) 

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damn creepy!


I really loved the game!

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I absolutely love this game. It's so mysterious and meaningful at the same time. But Howard lookin like a 7 course meal. XD SorryNotSorry



I loved and enjoyed the game. 


Absolutely loved this game. The design catches your eyes quickly with it's "Slightly Brighter Tim Burton Mixed With David Firth" style but actually playing through it leave a weird taste in your mouth as you realize whats going on with the family. I had to replay it instantly to find the best possible ending, along with all the conversation pieces. Thank you for this really fun and bizarre game with a solid message behind it.